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_TNS Waterdown, 11/08/2011

The TNS series lumbers ever onward with a return trip to Waterdown skatepark. Its been a while since we’ve been there in any great number, so it was good to have¬†a ton of us rolling deep!




Knight showed up, Stephane and AJ were boosting on the powerblades and Jonny, Darren and Mike were hammering some grinds around the deep overhang bowled corner.




I am consistently surprised by how tech Blair is at miniramp, and I love watching him skate. Ghent’s attire was on point (as was his blading, as always)- and in all a good time was had, despite the comically token aggression against us by the locals. Sore losers! ¬†Waterdown looks like its kind of far, but the QEW makes it pretty easy to get to and its always worth it… make a trip : )
All pics by Ben Sach, thanks dude! The rest of the pics are here.
Here’s a short video that Dave Ghent put up on Flickr of me doing a line in the dark, filmed by AJ!