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_Thank you everyone for coming to watch Valo4Life

The Valo video is a power house feature and a must have for any one who appreciates what skating is today. The tricks are fresh and the time and craft that went into making this video is extremely high level stuff. Aside from the bonus footage the main running time is about an hour so there is plenty to take in.

Thank you Lylac Skate shop in Montreal for hooking it up with the original shipment that was lost in the mail and thank you Jon for the speedy backup copy.

Just before the original premiere date I went on a road trip with Aaron Wheat to our neighbor city Montreal to skate and meet Guillaume Roy of Shop Lylac to grab a copy of the video. Even though we didnt get it at that time, the trip was awesome and like always I cant wait to go back. This is the “In search of valo4life” edit. Session features Dan Lefebre, Aaron Wheat, Sylvain Chaussee, Maxence Valade and Nicky Adams.Enjoy!

– Dan

Along the way from RollToronto.ca on Vimeo.