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_Dufferin Grove

This is going to be a spot where we can chill out, and have some fun skating little grind boxes and a solid p-rail. We’re all looking forward to hanging out here this summer. The lights are on til 11pm, and its convenient for a lot of us to get to downtown.

Check it out sometime, and let us know you’re stopping by.

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_Bauhaus with Erik and Sushi

Erik Burrow is an edit machine, putting out more quality Remz edits than most of the flow team combined. In his latest edit he and Sushi blast around the newly-built Etobicoke skatepark stomping hammers and fiving gaps as if it isn’t the beginning of January. Great feeling edit dude!

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_Rollerblading in Ontario 2011

Merry Christmas! Dan Lefebre is incredible.

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_Mini Mondays_ 26/07


He uses true top porn, its super effective.

Bloody good session last night in gale-force winds with a solid turnout- Tintor, Kaplan, McDowell, Bendeth, Ghent, Delong, Men, Wheat, Chaussée, Campbell. Lets get a few more of these under our belt before they tuck the ramp away for the winter.