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_Early morning field trip

Walking with my family last weekend I randomly heard the sound of a skateboard skating transition from behind some bushes. With my curiosity piqued, Erik and I returned a couple of mornings later to have a little explore and see what might be hiding…

Some skateboarders expertly built a tiny miniramp under a rail bridge next to a firepit and what I can only assume is a disease-ridden couch. Considering that its only one panel wide and the decks are only a foot deep, its surprisingly well built and has a decent transition. After mucking about for a while and trying reeeeally hard not to fall over, we both decided to get my phone camera out and try and get some wallride pics. This spot would be really incredible for a night photoshoot!

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_I want to be addicted to rollerskating, not crack.

Because we rollerskate today, we will go to college tomorrow.

Also, HANS HIRSBRUNNER won the Dufferin Grove BLADE sesh last Friday! Well, Ledoux won it because he’s a beast, but he graciously gave Hans (the narrow runner-up) the Valo TV3s that AJ donated from Shop Task!

Hans Wins!

p.p.s- Randy’s fixie in the background is up for sale, hit him up for some details about it.

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_Casualty Clothing 2010-11

Our friends in New York Joey G. and Brendan R. were nice enough to send RollToronto a package of goodies a few weeks ago for an anticipated video project we’re working on.

For those of you who have been living under a rock for the past 5 years, Casualty Clothing hand prints and independently distributes some amazing gear for the rolling community. Here are some images of some of the Fall collection of shirts you’ll see.

You can check out the full line, including drink cozies, cooler bags, hoodies and more at your favourite online skate shop, or buy directly from their web shop at:


A Big thanks to Casualty Clothing for supporting blading in Toronto.

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_Huy Le Box sesh photos

Huy is a talented photographer, and has been around since rollerblading took off in Toronto. I look forward to seeing more of his work. He got a few good shots from the Box Sesh, check them out.

[nggallery id=1]

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