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_Mini Mondays_ 26/07


He uses true top porn, its super effective.

Bloody good session last night in gale-force winds with a solid turnout- Tintor, Kaplan, McDowell, Bendeth, Ghent, Delong, Men, Wheat, Chaussée, Campbell. Lets get a few more of these under our belt before they tuck the ramp away for the winter.


_Erik and Blair Shop//Task edit by Teppo!

ERIK // BLAIR – SHOPTASK from Teppo Haapoja on Vimeo.

I love everything about this. EVERYTHING.

p.s. just bought a house : )

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_7am Session by Potts.

Darren met up with AJ one early morning after a midnight shift. Looks like a fun morning ride to Ashbridges Bay skatepark.

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_Savage and Kirill in viral grass-skiing music video

Toronto veteran Ken Galloway (fresh and clean on his new Xsjado stormtroopers) is responsible for this masterpiece of urban summer skiing, with Kirill Korzinski as the stunt double (I’m guessing Suzy didn’t do her own stunts) and Chris Savage as the stunt co-ordinator! Awesome job all three gents, share the video around and watch Ken’s smile grow progressively bigger.